Overcoming RESISTANCE to Writing


Are you overcoming resistance to writing or in any creative endeavor? You can with a healthy perspective and a resolve to advance.

Resistance blocks the way to any growth or accomplishment – starting a diet, beginning a quest for spiritual advancement, or launching an entrepreneurial venture. The Resistance stands between the life we live and the unlived life within.

What is this naysayer within?

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Do the Work

Steven Pressfield is the author of the recent classic The War of Art.  It has really impacted a lot of creative types including writers.  I really enjoyed it and was inspired.  His new release is Do the Work, a manifesto which builds on The War of Art.

You can grab Do the Wor k at no cost until April 20th or so as an eBook.  Order the Kindle edition now and it will automatically download on April 20.  You can read it on a Kindle, an iPad, an iPhone a PC and more.

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