Called to Quest


Every human is “wired” to quest – questing is a primal thing. Questing: searching, pursuing, journeying, venturing forth, the enterprise, the high endeavor …

The Creation Commission

The Creator’s calling given to the first couple was to increase, fill the earth, reign – drawing out the latent potential of all things. Through their descendants, and through time, they were to extend the design and beauty of a cultivated garden throughout the earth.

Clearly this is a dynamic Kingdom concept at the outset of human history: a partnership between heaven and earth.

This is original stuff. It’s deep within every child, woman and man …

Because it’s original, it’s authentic. We all need to know we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. And that we’re going somewhere. Authentic life is way bigger than just us. Thankfully.

What Is Your Quest? … What About Your Writing, Publishing, Communicating?

Now questing can be painful for a while because of change and new challenges. But the pain is greater if we ignore the call to quest. Or if we allow it be aborted.

In what way may the Creator be asking you to venture forth … to pursue the high endeavor? We are of little help to ourselves and others by playing small. There is a cost, yet there is joy and renewed strength in the journeying. And the payoff is huge.

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