Clear Your Workspace to Release Your Creativity

Those who create — including writers — seek to release what is within. And stress can inhibit this release …

Our personal environment and workspace are key in minimizing stress and releasing our creativity.

Toyota has developed the 5S System as an aid to design manufacturing facilities. The goal of course is to increase and sustain quality and productivity.

How can this help you? These principles can be applied to our personal workspace as well.

What action steps will you undertake to create a work environment which increases quality and productivity?

The 5S system

  1. Seiri or sort eliminate the unnecessary, keep only what is essential, prioritize and organize storage
  2. Seiton or set in order  everything in its place, essential tools close at hand, efficient work flow
  3. Seiso or shine  keep workspace clean and organized, part of the consistent daily workflow
  4. Seiketsu or standardize  workflow should be consistent and as standardized as possible
  5. Shitsuke or sustain  do not decline back to the old ways, maintain and review standards, always think of better ways and make changes as appropriate

These thoughts are drawn from a guest post by Daniel Offer on the blog of Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. See the complete post here.

P.S.  Kaizen is a Japanese word for “improvement” or “change for the better.” The kaizen approach to continuous improvement has focused upon manufacturing, business, life-coaching, and many other fields and industries throughout the world. Following WWII, the kaizen philosophy was influenced by American business and quality management experts who visited Japan.

Q4U: Have you thought about how your work style and work environment affects your creative work? What action steps will you undertake to create a workspace which increases quality and productivity?


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